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How to Create Clear Aligners In Your Practice with 3D Printing

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As digital dentistry and high-performance 3D printers become increasingly affordable, orthodontists and dentists can now produce low-cost thermoformed clear dental aligners in their office. Producing clear aligners in-house with 3D printing saves money, offers faster turnaround times, and guarantees high-quality, consistent results.

In this webinar, Rick Ferguson DMD, DABOI/ID, DICOI, an educator in implant dentistry of 20 years, and Formlabs dental product manager Sam Wainwright walk through the full production workflow including the software, tools, and proper materials needed to create dental aligners in your own office.

Watch now to learn:
  • Dr. Ferguson’s workflows, tips, and advice on creating clear aligners
  • How to 3D print clear aligner models on the Formlabs desktop 3D printer
  • In-office workflow and considerations for efficiently creating clear aligners
  • Overview of digital impression systems and CAD software on the market today
  • Return on investment calculations for 3D printing and thermoforming clear aligners

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