Formlabs Dental Academy: A New Hub for Professional Education and Training in 3D Printing and Digital Dentistry

A core part of our mission at Formlabs Dental is to make 3D printing accessible for all dental professionals. Together with our users, we imagine what's possible as we develop the future of digital dentistry. Education plays a crucial role in this process, ensuring that the benefits of digital dentistry can be realized.

To promote lifelong learning among all dental professionals, Formlabs Dental Academy is dedicated to providing comprehensive education around 3D printing and digital dentistry. Through a series of educational activities, Formlabs Dental Academy provides dental professionals with the knowledge, skills, inspiration, and certifications to help them develop and scale their dental business.

One-Stop Educational Platform

We have consolidated all of our educational assets and activities in Formlabs Dental Academy, which enables us to share dental knowledge on a one-stop platform. A wide range of educational content, such as webinars, clinical case studies, guides, and tutorial videos, are available to everyone for free, regardless of whether they are dental students, researchers, technicians, or clinicians.

Choose your specialty to find a selection of our educational assets and browse by complexity level of dental applications:

For more than a decade, Formlabs Dental has provided dental professionals with cutting-edge and accessible technology. With Formlabs Dental Academy, we are aiming to make digital dentistry even more accessible by offering resources to accelerate dental education and assist dental professionals in developing themselves and their practices more than ever before. 

Formlabs Dental Academy Courses

With the launch of Formlabs Dental Academy, we are now also offering a comprehensive program of courses, including live lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on training. Our dental experts work with thought leaders to provide state-of-the-art education and help dental professionals grow their skillset, knowledge, and businesses with 3D printing.

Training courses are available both online and in-person, in Formlabs offices and trusted private educational centers. Courses are designed according to different levels of subject-matter knowledge, in different languages​​, and in several locations around the world, often in conjunction with dental educational institutes to make participation easy and accessible. In our courses, we intentionally limit the number of participants to promote an interactive learning environment between attendees and course teachers.

Formlabs Dental Academy Faculty

Formlabs Dental Academy could not exist without the commitment of dental professionals and organizations that assist in developing the content. We are actively collaborating with educators, key opinion leaders (KOLs), educational institutions such as universities, private centers, and key industry players to help develop course outlines/curricula for undergraduate, postgraduate, and MSc education that will allow current and future professionals to implement digital workflows successfully.

Through Education, We Can Digitally Transform

Formlabs Dental Academy is the new foundation that provides access for dental professionals to engaging educational content that helps them grow not only their skill set but also their business.

Ready to get started with digital dentistry? You will have our support along the way.