Mar. 14, 2023

IDS: Formlabs Dental Delivers New Solutions to Make Digital Dentistry Easier

Formlabs’ new dental offerings will enable dental labs and practices to reduce costs and increase efficiency, while delivering industry-leading print quality.

Somerville, MA, Mar. 14, 2023Formlabs Dental, the dental business unit of leading 3D printing company Formlabs, today introduces a suite of new dental-specific software, products, and materials designed to make digital dentistry even more accessible, intuitive, and efficient for dental labs and practices. At IDS, the world’s largest dental show, Formlabs Dental debuts PreForm Dental workspace, new PreForm integrations with intraoral scanners, Fast Arch Printing, Form Auto, Fast Cure, and Temporary CB Resin to make dentistry easier. 

“Formlabs Dental’s new offerings showcase our team’s commitment to providing an unmatched workflow and industry leading print quality to dental practices and labs,” said Guillaume Bailliard, president of healthcare, Formlabs. “By speeding up and improving every stage of the 3D printing workflow, from image capture to printing and post processing, Formlabs is delivering the next step in digital dentistry while reducing costs and time.”

The dental industry continues to adopt 3D printing to streamline workflows and make personalized care more affordable. Since 2016, Formlabs has sold 25,000+ printers in the dental community, which have been used to print more than 25 million dental parts ranging from models to surgical guides. Today’s new offerings from Formlabs will take digital dentistry to the next level:

PreForm Dental: A Dental-Specific Software Workspace
Formlabs’ PreForm Dental workspace software streamlines 3D printing setup, management, and monitoring, enabling dental users to click less to do more. Powered by automatic functions based on dental indications such as material selection, print setting, and support, PreForm Dental automates the print setup for restorative models, occlusal guards, and more. Advanced users can create and save their own custom presets for layer height, orientation, and support settings to standardize the print process for all users within a practice or lab. PreForm Dental workspace is included with every Form 3B/+ and Form 3BL printer, including for existing users. Further indications and additional features will be available after launch. 

3Shape Produce: A New PreForm Integration
Formlabs Dental and 3Shape have partnered to co-develop an integration that makes dentistry easier and more intuitive for their customers. Available today, the new PreForm integration with 3Shape Produce enables dental lab and practice users to design and print more seamlessly with an optimized workflow and one click print when using Splint Studio, Implant Studio, Model Maker, and other 3Shape apps. 

Fast Arch Printing: 2x Faster On-Demand Printing
With Fast Arch Printing, users can print eight arches in 20 minutes and a single arch in under 10 minutes. Fast Arch Printing increases productivity so users can go from design to print two times faster than current settings, enabling same visit dentistry and fast, on-demand dental modeling. Now, users can deliver a retainer in less than 30 minutes, including washing, curing and thermoforming. Fast Arch Printing is available on the Form 3B and Form 3B+.

Form Auto: Seamless Part Removal
Form Auto enables automated 24/7 printing with automatic part removal so dental users can level up production while reducing labor. When parts are complete, Form Auto seamlessly removes finished parts from Build Platform 2 using the patented Quick Release Technology, and starts the next print. Users can add prints to the queue from anywhere, and Form Auto will complete the back-to-back queue as soon as possible. The hardware extension is now available for order and works with the Form 3B and Form 3B+. 

Fast Cure: Reducing Cure Time by 90%
Designed to unlock same visit dentistry, Fast Cure is validated to cure more than 17 resins in under six minutes, saving 90% on cure time compared to the Form Cure. With pre-programmed settings and no preheating necessary, Fast Cure can cure dental models in one minute, crowns, bridges and surgical guides in five minutes, and occlusal guards in six minutes.

Temporary CB Resin: A Tooth-Colored Resin with Bleach Shade
Digitally manufactured restorations enable a quick, collaborative process between dentist, technician, and patient. The new extra white Bleach Shade of Temporary CB Resin is designed for temporary crown and bridge restorations, inlays, onlays, and veneers, providing excellent marginal adaptation, strength, and aesthetics. This tooth-colored resin can be used in traditional temporary cements to fix restorations and lasts up to 12 months. Designed with Formlabs partner Bego after receiving requests from dental customers, the new Temporary CB Resin will help dental users’ patients smile even brighter. Temporary CB Resin is available now in four VITA shades, including the new Bleach Shade. 

To learn more about Formlabs Dental’s new offerings, visit the Formlabs Dental booth at IDS in Hall 3.1, Stand: J030/K039. For media assets, click here. Learn more about Formlabs Dental here.

About Formlabs Dental
Formlabs is expanding access to digital fabrication, so anyone can make anything. The leading 3D printing company introduced its new dental business unit in November 2019 to uniquely meet the needs of dental labs and practices of all sizes. Formlabs Dental is made up of a team of dental professionals dedicated to providing the best 3D printing solutions in the industry. Formlabs has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients, having printed 13 million dental parts on the Form 2, and expanding this impact even further with the recent additions of its dental-focused hardware devices, the Form 3B and Form 3BL. In addition to its hardware products, Formlabs has over 50 materials scientists and a robust offering of dental materials that are available to be used on the Form 3B and Form 3BL printer.

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