Esthetic 3D Printed Final Crowns, Extensively Tested

Make the most of 3D printing with economical, reliable crown solutions.

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Validated Workflow, Extensively Tested

Formlabs Permanent Crown Resin produces restorations that have been used successfully in clinical cases around the world.

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Expand into printing crowns—differentiate your business and stay ahead in a competitive market.

Cost-Competitive with Milled Crowns

An economical alternative to traditional CAD/CAM manufacturing processes for final crown restorations for any dental lab or practice.

Validated Workflow, Extensively Tested

3D printed final crowns are safe and well-tested. Read scientific studies and a detailed clinical case study to see for yourself.

Download the scientific studies to read results of the following tests on Formlabs Permanent Crown Resin: 

  1. Breaking Load and Abrasion Resistance (10-year Chewing Simulation)
  2. Abrasion and Surface Roughness (5-year Toothbrushing Simulation)
  3. Long-term Cementation Stability, Decementation Behavior and Marginal Gap Formation (5- year Chewing Simulation)
  4. Solubility
  5. Cytotoxicity
Download Scientific Studies

Download the clinical case study to read how general practitioner Dr. Édouard Lanoiselée and Argoat laboratory collaboratively used a digital CAD/CAM workflow to produce 3D printed inlays to retreat premolars with sensitivity to cold and with pre-existing amalgam restorations.

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Differentiate your business in a competitive market with digital temporary solutions. Leverage 3D printing to win new clients and impress patients. Attain peak precision, lower production costs, easy workflow integrations, fast communication, and scalability.

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3D Printed Crowns Are Cost-Competitive With Milled Crowns

Traditional pressedMilled lithium disilicateMilled zirconia3D printed
Material cost per unit$20$50$5$2
Hours of technician labor2111
Hourly cost of technician labor ¹$25$25$25$25
Material and labor cost$70$75$30$27

¹ NADL 2019 Business Survey


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