Bring the Power and Flexibility of Clear Aligners to Your Business With 3D Printing

Clear aligners, made by forming a thin sheet of plastic over a 3D printed model, transformed orthodontic care. Now, that power is in the hands of practitioners and laboratories all over the world.

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Save Time and Money

ROI in just three cases

Power In Your Hands

Control and flexibility in treatment planning

Get Same-Day Starts

Fast printing enables true chairside printing for same-day aligner treatment start

Attain Positive ROI in Weeks

Orthodontists around the world are already saving time and money by producing their own aligners in-house.

Time from scan to treatment startCost for a comprehensive case*
Outsourced alignersAs much as 8 weeks$1500-2000 USD
In-house aligners with FormlabsAs little as 1 hour$300-400 USD
Savings per case8 weeks$1100-1700 USD

* Assuming a 10-month treatment. In-house costs include resin, thermoforming plastic, and labor.

Try our interactive ROI tool to see how much time and cost you can save when 3D printing on Formlabs dental 3D printers.

Independence, Flexibility, and Control in Treatment

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"The Form 3 is very well-designed, and it's easy to use and monitor. The quality is always the same, very stable. So I know that no matter who will do the job with the printer, there is absolutely no chance that there is human failure.”

Gleb Grützner, CEO, Modern Clear

Fast Printing: Scan to Aligner in One Hour

The workflow to create clear aligners is fast and flexible enough for true chairside delivery, or for serious production.


5 mins


5 mins


10 mins


25 mins


5 mins

A Fully Validated System for Fast, No-Hassle Aligner Production

Draft Resin was developed by Formlabs to work seamlessly with Formlabs 3D printers. Our extensive validation and testing process makes sure your prints work every time: quick setup, no in-field calibration, and no messy resin handling.

This highly accurate resin prints with a smooth surface finish, making Draft Resin the ideal material for aligner and retainer production. Use 200 micron settings for fastest print speeds and same day appliances, or use 100 micron settings for more detailed models.

Integrated at Every Step

Formlabs is partnered with other leading dental technology companies to ensure the smoothest possible workflow. 

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Virtual seminars, lectures from leading practitioners, and short, helpful videos help you start faster and get the most out of your 3D printer.