Digitize Your Workflow All the Way Through With 3D Printed Provisionals

Leverage the benefits of digital technology—speed, accuracy, ease of data transfer—for high-quality temporary restorations, without the hassle and limitations of milling. Suitable for the temporization of larger cases up to 7 units.

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Predictable Passive Fit

A directly 3D printed prosthetic means fewer steps and less variability and a quality end product every time.

Improved Efficiency

Economical hardware and materials, providing better profitability than traditional workflows—increase production and profitability at the same time.

Stay on the Cutting Edge

Differentiate your business and stay ahead in a competitive market.

Lead the Industry

Differentiate your business in a competitive market with digital temporary solutions. Leverage 3D printing to win new clients and impress patients. Attain peak precision, lower production costs, easy workflow integrations, fast communication, and scalability.

Learn how 3D printed crowns can be a driver for business growth through a virtual seminar.

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Validated Workflow, Thoroughly Tested

3D printed temporaries are safe and well-tested. Read a detailed clinical case study to see for yourself.

Download our clinical case study to read how prosthodontist Dr. Antonio Busato and technician Luca Giovenzana collaboratively used a digital CAD/CAM workflow to produce 3D printed temporaries for a complex rehabilitation case with loss of vertical dimension of occlusion.

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