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3D Printer Buyer’s Guide for Dental Labs

Maximize Your 3D Printer Fleet’s Throughput With Seamless 24/7 Production

Save money and time in your dental lab with a fully automated fleet of printers that you can operate from anywhere. Skyrocket your ability to produce high-quality, affordable dental models and appliances with 24/7 back-to-back production with the Formlabs Automation Ecosystem: Form Auto, Fleet Control, and Resin Pumping System.

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Formlabs Automation Ecosystem

Upgrade Your 3D Printing Experience With Clean, Easy to Integrate Solutions

Spill-Free Resin Cartridge System

Automated dispensing means no more pouring liquid resin
Switch materials in seconds
Cartridges are cross-compatible with all Formlabs resin printers

Remove Parts Faster and With Less Effort

Build Platform 2 with patented Quick-Release Technology releases parts instantly
Tool free release system
Damage-free part removal

Intuitive, Powerful Software

Our software is always free
No restrictive licenses or subscriptions
Smart sensor technology print monitoring to provide optimal performance
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The Printer That Works For You


Model Resin

Parts per print


Per part cost


Batch production print time

2 h 30 min

Crown and bridge models

Note: print time and cost will vary based on part geometry, material, layout, and orientation.


Try our interactive ROI tool to see how much time and cost you can save when 3D printing on Formlabs dental 3D printers.

To get both versatility and volume, consider multiple Form 3B+ printers: a flexible, modular production system that works at scale. Contact our sales team or an Authorized Reseller to learn how a multi-printer fleet could fit in your laboratory. Volume resin discounts available for production customers.

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Virtual seminars, lectures from leading technicians, and short, helpful videos help you start faster and get the most out of your 3D printer.

Premium Support From a Team of Dental Experts

Our Dental Service Plan (DSP) includes personalized onboarding training, proactive check-ins, and the best phone and email support in the industry.