The Formlabs Form 3 3D Printer

Formlabs Software

Print Setup and Management, Simplified

Our free software is designed to help your team work more efficiently. Prepare parts for printing with a few clicks and access your printers from the cloud with advanced software tools. 

Simple Print Preparation With PreForm

Import dental CAD models or 3D intraoral scans into our free print preparation software, PreForm.

OS X 10.12 or higher

Windows 7 (64-bit) or higher.

Software included

Never worry about pesky licenses or annual fees. Install on as many systems as desired to work from anywhere.

Intuitive controls

Whether you’re a digital dentistry expert or just starting out, simplify your dental workflows with easy-to-learn software tools.

Easy connectivity

Connect via WiFi, USB, or ethernet to print with or without an internet connection for constant uptime.



Scan to Model

Convert intraoral 3D scan files directly into printable dental models, making in-house model production simpler than ever.

One-Click Print Preparation

Automatically nest models with One-Click Print, or manually adjust a variety of parameters, such as support density and size, to fine tune print results.

Take Print Management Anywhere With Dashboard

Make sure you’re getting the most out of all your printers. Easily compare print success rates and usage across printers with the online Dashboard.


Multiple printer management

Seamlessly scale with a bird’s-eye view of prints, printers, and teams.

Working overtime

Prepare your printer before you leave, then start jobs from anywhere with Remote Print.

Optimize output

Receive SMS and email notifications when a print is done to get the most parts out of your printer per day.



Integrations and Partnerships

Formlabs Dental has partnered with leading CAD providers to streamline the print process.

Interested in integrating?

Use our APIs to automate sending files into PreForm and to monitor printer usage. Get in touch at [email protected] to learn more.



Everything You Need to Control Your Digital Future

The Form 3B Complete Package includes all of the tools required to bring high-precision 3D printing into your dental lab or office.