Formlabs Dental and Digital Smile Design (DSD): What it Means For You

Formlabs is pleased to announce a new partnership with Digital Smile Design (DSD). The goal of this partnership is to drive innovation in the dental lab space, bringing together Formlabs Dental and Digital Smile Design in a collaboration to help educate and chart the future of digital dentistry for dental labs.

This partnership underlines how both DSD and Formlabs Dental are committed to joining forces with key organizations who share a vision for the future of dentistry and a dedication to advancing the profession.

What This Partnership Means For You

A global player in the field of 3D printing, Formlabs aims to expand access to digital fabrication so that anyone can make anything. Through close collaboration with DSD, we are further committing to listening to dental labs and putting their perspective at the center of our R&D roadmap. While we can not make announcements around new products right now, Christian Coachman and his team will be collaborating with the Formlabs Dental product team to help bring impactful and helpful dental solutions to market. More information on these products will be announced in 2023. Alongside new products, dental professionals will have access to:

  • New online course and workshops with DSD that will be added to the Formlabs Dental Academy in 2023.
  • Formlabs is organizing multiple DSD day events, organized by Formlabs, throughout the year, with the first one taking place in Budapest on May 26 2023.

“To continue industry adoption, education is critical and we’re thrilled to collaborate with Christian Coachman and the DSD to develop robust digital workflow solutions and curricula that will bolster efficiency and patient treatment outcomes that 3D printing provides in dentistry,” states Guillaume Bailliard, President of the Healthcare division of Formlabs.

The enthusiasm for this collaboration is echoed by George Cabanas, DSD Research and Development Manager: “With this new collaboration, we look forward to continuing to make printing technology commonplace in dental clinics and advancing the printing of more advanced appliances, based on new resins. All of this will help dentists to provide even better and more precise services for their patients.”

Learn More About Formlabs Dental

The DSD lab currently has five Form 3B printers and will invest in additional machines going forward. As Cabanas explains, “the ease of use of the Form 3B+ printers, the variety of resins, and the affordable system price make it a no-brainer for any dental lab to introduce multiple Formlabs printers into their production process.”

He continued, saying that, “[traditional] dentistry can be inconstant and frustrating, and the future belongs to guided dentistry. Better team collaboration within dental labs is made possible by 3D printing technology. At DSD, we want to make dentistry more meaningful, easy, and fun.”

Formlabs Dental shares this vision. Find out how you can implement 3D printing into your workflow, and view Formlabs’ growing range of Dental Resins. Or, to see a 3D printed dental model up close, order a free sample part.