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Meet our global community of key opinion leaders and collaborators from across all areas in dentistry who use Formlabs products and services to innovate, explore, and create new solutions for their everyday activities in the dental field.

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About the Program

From clinicians to technicians, researchers to orthodontists, Formlabs Dental KOLs are skilled professionals with expertise in the digital dentistry field and 3D printing. They share their knowledge and expertise with the 3D printing community by leading webinars, writing clinical case studies, testing pre-release products, conducting educational courses, and sharing their knowledge with the dental community at large.

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Meet our KOLs

Dr. Lisa Alvetro

Professional Degree: DDS, Orthodontist

Location: Sidney, OH, USA

Company: Alvetro Orthodontics

Background: General dentist, Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology, Associate fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Member of the American Dental Association, Member of the Academy of General Dentistry.

Printers: 2 Form 2, 2 Form 3Bs

Materials and applications: Models for thermoformed appliances, IBT, Permanent Crown for restorations, Denture Teeth Resin for printed brackets

Contact: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter

“Formlabs was one the first printers in our lab. The plug and play ease of use, customer support and intuitive software make it a fool proof method of 3D printing. We continually expand the use of our Formlabs printers into other applications. Being able to successfully print not only models but occlusal guards, indirect bonded trays, orthodontic brackets and attachments make it a necessity for any orthodontic practice that wants to maximize their 3D workflow.”

Stephan Kreimer

Professional Degree: Master Dental Technician

Location: Warendorf, Germany

Company: Kreimer Dentallabor GmbH & Co. KG

Background: Master Dental Technician, CAD/CAM Specialist, Manager at his own lab specializing in digital workflow solutions.

Printers: 2 Form 3Bs

Materials and applications: Models, surgical guides, custom trays

Contact: Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook

“Our dental lab is focusing on high-end cases for some of the leading dentists in our region. We have highest demands both clinically and aesthetically speaking. With Formlabs, we consistently get spot-on results and very positive feedback from our customers.”

Dr. Pablo Ramírez

Professional Degree: DDS, Prosthodontist

Location: Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, Spain

Company: Clínica Ramírez

Background: Dentist, Specialist in Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation. Clínica Ramírez is a DSD Clinic.

Printers: 1 Form 3B

Materials and applications: Models, Permanent Crown and Temporary CB for restorations, splints with Dental LT Clear

Contact: Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo

Dr. Alejandro Ramírez

Professional Degree: DDS, Orthodontist

Location: Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, Spain

Company: Clínica Ramírez

Background: Specialist in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics with extensive experience in Digital Dentistry. Clínica Ramírez is a DSD Clinic.

Printers: 1 Form 3B

Materials and applications: Models for thermoformed appliances, restorations, splints

Contact: Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo

Dr. Michael Braian

Professional Degree: DDS, CDT, PhD

Location: Malmö, Sweden

Company: Baltzar Tandvård

Background: Dentist, Dental Technician, PhD in Digital Dentistry.

Printers: 1 Form 2, 2 Form 3Bs

Materials and applications: Models, surgical guides, restorations, dentures

Contact: Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, ResearchGate

"The ability to additively manufacture dentures in my practice is really exciting and it allows me to digitize even more procedures using my Formlabs ecosystem."

Dr. Édouard Lanoiselée

Professional Degree: DDS

Location: Nozay, France

Company: Cabinet dentaire de Nozay

Background: General practitioners with skills for prosthodontics, adhesive and digital dentistry.

Printers: 1 Form 3B

Materials and applications: Models, Permanent Crown and Temporary CB for restorations, Dental LT Clear for splints, Surgical Guide Resin for surgical guides

Contact: Facebook

"The versatility of materials, ease of use of the software (support) and printer (reproducibility). the complete chain from software to post-processing with a clear protocol."

Dr. Antonino Cacioppo

Professional Degree: DDS, PhD, Prosthodontist

Location: Palermo, Italy

Company: Studio Dentistico Associato Cacioppo

Background: DDS (dentist degree), PhD in Oral Sciences, Visiting Professor in University of Catania  (teaches Prosthodontics in Dental school and guided surgery in II level Master course). Affiliation with University of Catania. Global KOL for Zeiss. Global KOL for Teethan. KOL for Dentsply Sirona (cad-cam and imaging). KOL for ModelGuide (guided surgery). KOL for Hsk Italy. KOL for theWand Italy.

Printers: 1 Form 2, 1 Form 3Bs

Materials and applications: Models, Surgical Guide Resin for surgical guides, Dental LT Clear for occlusal splints, restorations

Contact: LinkedIn, Facebook

“The printers from Formlabs are simply the best, simplest printers on the market. Best in class user experience. Fast change of material. The biggest choice of certified and tested resins on the market. Every print was a success in the last 5 years. No failure at all.”

Samuel Morice

Professional Degree: Dental Technician

Location: Guingamps, France

Company: Argoat Prothèse Dentaire

Background: Samuel Morice is a dental technician who graduated from the Ker-Lann Chamber of Trade in Rennes. He is currently the manager and partner of the Argoat Prothèses Dentaires laboratory in Guingamp, France. He manages a team of dental technicians and prosthetic professionals who are in charge of a large number of industrial machinery tools and printers.  With his partner and friend Gilles Guego, they form a duo focused on conventional and digital prosthetic expertise. They establish design and manufacturing protocols linked to 3Shape and Formlabs tools, together with the expertise of Dr. Thibaud Casas for clinical validation. Samuel Morice's motivation is focused on the management of the digital workflow and synergy between the practice and dental lab. He believes that 'the fields of application are only limited by our imagination'.

Printers: 2 Form 2, 2 Form 3B, and soon 1 Form 3BL

Materials and applications: Models, Surgical Guide Resin for surgical guides, Dental LT Clear for occlusal splints, Custom Tray for impression trays, Temporary CB for provisionals, Draft Resin for rapid production of study models.

Contact: Facebook

“I use my Formlabs printers in the lab on a daily basis, what I like the most is to have a complete ecosystem from the set up of parts via PreForm and finishing with Form Wash and Form Cure, I am guided from A to Z with no room for doubt (on manufacturing parameters, supports, exposure times, curing times ...) which brings a great reproducibility to the production.”

Marcelo Perez Giugovaz

Professional Degree: Dentist

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina & Valencia, Spain

Company: Peréz Giugovaz

Background: Dentist, expert in digital dentistry

Printers: 1 Form 2, 1 Form 3B

Materials and applications: Model, Dental LT Clear

Contact: Facebook

"The most important thing is precision that I get for my treatments."

Dr. Alejandro Pineda

Professional Degree: Dentist, Specialist in Esthetic Rehabilitation and Prosthodontics

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

Company: Clínica Lhasa 

Background: Dr. Alejandro Pineda graduated from University of the Republic (UDELAR Uruguay) in 2004. Doctor of dentistry. Director of “Lhasa – Digital Dental Clinic”, Montevideo Uruguay, since 2010. Digital dentistry expert. President of SUOD – (Uruguayan Society of Digital Dentistry). Actually, focused in development, training and diffusion of In-house Digitally Simplified Dental Systems, 3D Printing of Permanent Restorations and Digitally Guided Dentistry for all specialties. Developer at Dental Cloning and Natural Teeth Library.

Printers: 1 Form 2, 1 Form 3B

Materials and applications: Splints with Dental LT Clear, Provisonals with Temporary CB, permanent resotrations with Permenent Crown Resin

Contact: Instagram, Facebook

"3D printing has revolutionized my daily practice, from digitally guided dentistry to permanent restorations printing. The simplification of our workflow is huge, and the experience of our patients is better in every way. 3D printing is, from my perspective, the future of modern dentistry."

Dr. Yurdanur Uçar

Professional Degree: Professor, Prosthetic Dentistry, Private Practitioner

Location: Antalya, Turkey

Company: Private Practice

Background: Yurdanur Ucar graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Dentistry where she received her DDS degree. She has a PhD in Prosthodontics received from Cukurova University. She holds MS-degree in Dental Materials and PhD-degree in Oral Biology both received from The Ohio State University, USA.  
She was a Full-Professor in the Department of Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry at Cukurova University where she served as Department Head of Prosthodontics and Vice Dean for Educational Affairs. She was as an adjunct-faculty in Department of Biotechnology. She also served as Department Head of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. Dr. Ucar’s research focus includes dental-materials, dental-implantology, biomaterials, additive manufacturing of metal powders, ceramic and polymers including layered-manufacturing applications of bone tissue engineering. She is founder and CEO of a start-up company called BioFuture founded to make customized hard tissue using stem cells and 3D-bioprinters. She currently works in a private dental clinic in Antalya.

Printers: 1 Form 3B+

Materials and applications: Provisonals with Temporary CB, permanent resotrations with Permenent Crown Resin, custom impression trays with Custom Tray

Contact: LinkedIn

"It has simplified and speeded up my clinical workflow."

Mimmo Castellana

Professional Degree: Dental Technician

Location: Mola di Bari, Italy

Company: SmileLine Allineatori Invisibili

Background: Dental technician and laboratory owner specializing in orthodontics since 1998.
In 2010 he began the long and exciting journey in the newly born digital orthodontics and specifically in invisible orthodontics with clear aligners. In 2011 he established SmileLine Allineatori Invisibili thanks to which he now collaborates with more than 160 private and public dental practices throughout Italy including the prestigious Policlinico Hospital in Bari. In 2015 he bought his first Form 2 3D printer to start and improve the production of in-house models, today his fleet of 6 3D printers (3 Form 3B and 3 Form 2 printers) allows him to meet the high production needs that SmileLine Allineatori Invisibili requires.

Printers: 3 Form 2, 3 Form 3B

Materials and applications: Grey Resin, Model Resin and Draft Resin for model production.

Contact: Website

"I looked around before choosing Formlabs, but Formlabs accurately reflected my needs. I needed to print constantly and other printers on the market were unfortunately limited in this respect. Other models, for example, meant we had to add the resin manually. This would have been a great inconvenience. I needed to be able to launch prints even at night and know that the next morning my work would be ready to receive our aligners."

Christopher J Baer, DMD

Professional Degree: DMD, Specialist in Comprehensive Dentistry

Location: Lone Tree, USA

Company: Baer Dental Designs

Background: Dr. Baer has been one of the earliest adopters of digital dental technologies. He started his digital dental journey with one of the first dental scanners and saw the benefits to an improved clinical workflow and patient comfort compared to traditional dental impressions. He runs a fully digital dental clinic in Lone Tree, Colorado and uses 3d printing each day to provide treatments to his patients. He is always looking for new ways to improve treatment and optimize dental workflows.

Printers: 1 Form 3B, 2 Form Wash, 1 Form Cure

Materials and applications: Dental Clear LT Resin V2 for occlusal guards and deprogrammers. Model for dental models, ortho models with Draft Resin V2. Temporary C&B Resin for dental temporary restorations, shells. Permanent Crown Resin for Maryland bridges, final crowns.

Contact: Website

"3D printing has transformed the way I work and communicate with patients. It allows you to create so many cost effective tools to discuss patient treatment from inexpensive dental models to printed mock ups to help patient's better understand the treatment they may need or desire. It is a tremendous time and cost saver in a digital dental world."