Produce parts you’ll be proud to deliver with a tried and tested, start-to-finish dental 3D printing workflow that’s certified biocompatible. Our post-processing solutions simplify and automate post-processing so you can consistently produce quality results and maintain a tidy workspace with less time and effort.

An Automated, Thorough Rinse

Form Wash agitates isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to perfectly clean your parts, then raises them to air dry once finished. Simply set the appropriate time and let Form Wash get to work. Once washing completes, parts air dry and are ready when you are.

Post Curing with Form Cure

Post-Curing, Simplified

Our standard, automated post-curing solution, Form Cure, includes custom settings that maximize material performance, ensure consistent dimensional accuracy, and meet biocompatibility requirements for every Formlabs material with just the push of a button.

Post Curing with Fast Cure

Post-Curing, Supercharged

Fast Cure cures parts 90% faster than Form Cure  to allow more efficient chairside treatments. Our powerful and fast post-curing solution includes custom, validated settings to maximize material performance of our Dental resins.

Less Effort,
Higher Throughput

Streamline and automate the workflow for high-volume dental production with our large-format post-processing solutions.