New Draft Resin: Print Accurate Orthodontic Models 4X Faster

Formlabs Dental is pleased to announce a new iteration of Draft Resin, a cutting-edge material designed to print accurate orthodontic models up to four times faster than before on the Form 3B, Form 3BL, and the Form 2.

Draft Resin is our fastest printing material ever, capable of printing a dental model in under 20 minutes. This highly accurate resin prints with a smooth surface finish, making Draft Resin the ideal material for aligner and retainer production. 

The new resin puts Formlabs Dental LFS 3D printers in the same league as the fastest dental 3D printers on the market that often cost 3-10 times more, while offering larger build volumes and more versatility for indications that require higher resolution. 

Provide the best patient experience by delivering precise fitting dental appliances quickly, without breaking the bank.

High Accuracy, Even Printing at Speed

There’s no need to sacrifice quality for faster print speed. Draft Resin, even printing at speed, produces highly accurate orthodontic models. 

Printed at 200 microns, 98% of surfaces are within 100 microns of actual scans. In context, even though it’s using a higher layer thickness, the new material provides better accuracy than our formerly fastest material and setting indicated for orthodontic models, Grey Resin at 160 microns, which delivered 93% accuracy of surfaces within 100 microns.

Thanks to this combination of high speed and high accuracy, Draft Resin is now the recommended material for orthodontic models used to produce retainers and thermoformed clear aligners. 

A retainer thermoformed on an orthodontic model printed in Draft Resin at 200 micron settings. The layers are barely visible even with the higher layer thickness, resulting in a beautiful, high-quality appliance with an intimate fit. As a reference, the largest aligner manufacturer in the world also prints thermoforming models at 200 microns.

Orthodontic Solutions Chairside and With Same-Day Delivery

Draft Resin is a groundbreaking material for rapid orthodontic aligner and retainer production, opening up chairside and same-day delivery. 

With Draft Resin, the Form 3B and the Form 3BL are the perfect choices for any orthodontic practice or lab looking to bring aligner and retainer production in house. 

Labs will appreciate the production workflow that is designed to minimize labor costs and the massive throughput. Print over 64 models per working day with a single Form 3B (up to 72 in 24 hours when printing also overnight), or invest in the large format Form 3BL to print over 120 models per day with just a few interactions and manufacture accurate and beautiful orthodontic appliances in-house comparable to those from industry leaders.

Practices can now create a single aligner or print a big batch of models faster than ever before, with a workflow designed to minimize time at the printer and maximize time with patients. Print a single model in under 20 minutes to create an aligner within the same appointment or print up to 8 models per build platform with the Form 3B in 85 minutes for a total daily potential production of over 70 models. 

Try Draft Resin Now

Draft Resin is compatible with the Form 3B, Form 3BL, and the Form 2 dental 3D printers and is now shipping. Order Draft Resin now and produce orthodontic appliances at lightning speed.

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