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2023 Highlights for Formlabs Dental

3D printers in a lab

2023 has been an exciting year for Formlabs Dental. We launched new materials that enable faster, more accurate digital dental workflows, introduced automation to dental 3D printing, had the honor of hearing from dental professionals working on the cutting edge of digital dentistry, and continued in our dedication to providing you with the products and resources you need to improve your ROI and make dentistry easier.

As we wrap up the year, here are some of our top moments from 2023.

Automating Digital Dentistry

In January, we announced the release of three new products to deliver high-productivity 3D printing at scale for dental labs. Composed of Form Auto and Fleet Control, and a High Volume Resin System, the Formlabs Automation Ecosystem allows labs to establish a fully automated printer fleet for higher efficiency. The Form 3B/+ is the first desktop printer on the market with this capability. This means you can print all night or weekend without needing staff on-site and, if you need to check in, you can do so via your remote dashboard.

Dental LT Comfort Resin Announced in North America

Person putting in an occlusal splint

June saw the announcement of Dental LT Comfort Resin for flexible and easy-to-polish occlusal splints and nightguards. This new material allows labs, dental practices, and orthodontic practices to directly print soft splints for long-term use. This biocompatible material prioritizes patient comfort while also combining long-lasting strength, flexibility, and impact resistance — all while making workflows more efficient for doctors, lab technicians, and service providers.

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IBT Flex Resin

This autumn, we added IBT Flex Resin to the Formlabs Dental materials portfolio. It provides a first-of-its-kind capability for digital dentistry: 3D printed direct composite restoration guides, and can be used for 3D printed indirect bonding trays, as well. IBT Flex Resin is biocompatible, FDA Registered, and CE Marked according to the EU MDR.

3D printed direct composite restoration guide and a 3D printed indirect bonding tray

IBT Flex Resin’s translucency, accuracy, and flexibility unlock a new application for digital dental workflows - 3D printed direct composite restoration guides.

Patricia Mitchell, a Digital Specialist at Alvetro Orthodontics, says, “IBT Flex Resin provides superb accuracy and fit of the brackets. Providers can be confident that it will deliver an excellent indirect bonding experience for their team members and patients. The workflow from beginning to end is effortless and will leave an overall lasting impression!”

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Form Auto Enables an Orthodontic Practice to 20X Model Production

Sidney, Ohio-based Alvetro Orthodontics thrives on efficiency, with Dr. Lisa Alvetro, her 22 person staff, and Form 3B+ 3D printers working on: 

120 average patients per day

250 models printed per day

12 aligner series delivered per day

16 indirect bonding trays printed per day

20 additional appliances made per day with Form 3B+ 3D printers

Doctor removing prints from a Form Auto

Dr. Alvetro’s story is one of efficiency that doesn’t sacrifice high-quality care – or the weekends of her and her staff. 

“With the Form Auto, the amount of prints is up 2,000%. We have probably about eight [other printers] that we've not turned on since we bought the Form Auto.” - Dr. Lisa Alvetro, DDS, Orthodontist at Alvetro Orthodontics

Video Guide to 3D Printing Occlusal Splints

Our most popular video guide this year covers the step-by-step process of 3D printing occlusal splints on a Form 3B+ SLA printer. Formlabs Dental Materials include resins that print clear, polish to high optical transparency, and resist discoloration over time for the optimal production of occlusal splints. Workflow, post-processing, plus tips and tricks for cleaning and disinfection are all covered in this comprehensive video.

Fast Arch Printing

This fall, we introduced Fast Arch Printing, print settings for producing dental arches used to make thermoformed appliances such as aligners and retainers in less than 30 minutes. Dramatically reduced print times, enable quicker workflows and improve the delivery of an amazing patient experience while maximizing efficiency.

“The Fast Cure already cut cure time to 1 minute. Now [Fast Arch Printing] allows me to produce an upper and lower retainer from scan to completion — including the washing and curing as well as the suck down and trimming — in less than 30 minutes.” - Dr. Christopher Baer, DMD, Baer Dental

DSD x Formlabs Dental Masterclass: 3D Printed Direct Composite Restoration Indexes

One of our most successful webinars to date explores the evolution of 3D printed direct composite restoration indexes. This affordable technique is easy to adopt and execute, with clear advantages over traditional materials and techniques. Learn more from Dr. Luken de Arbeloa, Education Content & KOL Manager at Digital Smile Design, and Dr. Elisa Praderi, Senior Clinical Protocols & KOL Manager at Formlabs Dental.

3D Printed direct composite restoration indexes

Looking to Your Best 2024

Formlabs Dental empowers dentists, orthodontists, and labs to grow through a wide range of applications. Moving into 2024, we’re continuing to support you in maximizing performance and versatility with easy workflows, intuitive technology, and extensive resources. 

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