3D Printing Dental Crown & Bridge Models

The Digital Model Department, Powered by Formlabs

Accurate and consistent dental models are foundational to a great dental laboratory. For dental professionals, the ability to produce 3D printed models is becoming not just a want but a need as the dental world becomes more digital.

The Digital Model Workflow

dental scan

1. Scan

Collect patient anatomy digitally using an intraoral scanner, or scan a physical model or impression using a desktop scanner.

dental design cad software

2. Design

The scan data is imported into a CAD software where the model is designed and built, and, if needed, a restoration is created.

3d printing dental crown and bridge models

3. 3D Print

Import the built model files into PreForm print preparation software for print setup and send them easily to a Formlabs printer.

crown and bridge preparation

4. Prepare

Wash, dry, and post-cure printed parts using Form Wash and Form Cure.

3D Printing Dental Models with Formlabs 3D Printers


High Accuracy

Using Dental Model Resin, the Form 3B produces high accuracy removable die models with crisp margins, precise contacts, and consistent occlusion that look and feel like gypsum.

See and feel Formlabs quality firsthand: receive a free quarter arch model printed on the Form 3B and shipped directly to your office.


full arch mode with dies - crown and bridge accuracy
dental 3d printing roi calculation - cost saving

Low Cost, Fast Return on Investment

With a per-model production cost competitive with stone models, the switch to digital now makes sense for your business and the return on investment vs outsourcing is incredibly attractive even for a few digital models a day.

IndicationPrint Cost on the Form 3B
Quadrant models for fixed prosthetics$2-4 a kit
Full arch models for fixed prosthetics$6-8 a kit


Fast and Efficient Production

The Form 3B, powered by Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ technology, has a large build plate allowing users to do small quick batches or full build plates for unattended production. As production needs evolve, scale up without spending tens of thousands of dollars for each additional unit.

IndicationCapacity on the Form 3B
Quadrant models for fixed prostheticsUp to 4 quad model kits (upper, lower, and die) per print in ~4.5 h
Full arch models for fixed prostheticsUp to 2 full arch model kits (upper, lower, and die) per print in ~4 h
3d printed crown and bridges


What Our Customers Say About 3D Printed Dental Models


“The models coming out of the Form 2 are really great. We’ve had really great response from our clients, everybody is excited about it”

– Matt Roberts, CDT, CMR Dental Lab

White Paper: Digital Dental Model Production with High Accuracy 3D Printing


digital dental model production with high accuracy 3d printing white paper

Read Dr. Michael Scherer’s white paper to learn more about:

  • How clinical benchmarks translate to - specifications for 3D printers and 3D printed models
  • Results from a clinical case study using the Form 2
  • How to transform your dental workflow with digital production of dental models