Temporary All-on-X Appliances at the Click of a Button

Unlock 3D printed temporary full-arch implant-supported restorations (All-on-X) in-house with our nano-ceramic filled Premium Teeth Resin. Equipped with optimal intraoral mechanical properties, fracture resistance, and accuracy, this material's lifelike aesthetics replicates a patient’s natural smile, while saving valuable workflow time in post-processing and finishing steps.


Optimal Performance

3D print temporary All-on-X dental appliances with industry-leading intraoral flexural strength and natural lifelike aesthetics

Quick and Customizable Appliances

Deliver accurate high-quality prints with reduced post-processing time, easy polishability, and compatibility with conventional finishing workflows

Improved Efficiency

Cost-effective material paired with economical hardware, provides better profitability and easier workloads than traditional workflows

Leverage the Power of Digital for Your Temporary Full-Arch Implant-Supported Appliance Production

Once you’ve brought digital technology in-house, you know the transformative potential it has for each part of your business. Your prosthetics department could be next.

3D printed full-arch implant-supported restoration workflows are:

  • Fast and easy to implement, offering optimized profitability and easy replication of appliances.
  • Fully customizable to each patient.
  • Able to facilitate instant communication between lab and practice.

Biocompatible With Superior Intraoral Mechanical Performance

Premium Teeth Resin is the industry-leader for flexural strength in both ambient environments and intraoral conditions. Provide patients with the strongest material for optimal results.

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A Flexible, Repeatable Workflow

Digital fabrication removes guesswork and potential for error while retaining room for artistry.






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