Restorative Models

Restorative Models for Dental Labs of Any Size

Formlabs 3D printers can quickly produce high-quality solid models, removable die models, and implant analog models with crisp margins and contacts. With industry-leading affordability and ease of use, labs of any size can deliver high-quality results in digital restorative cases.

Don’t Waste Precious Time

Don’t spend your team’s time and energy on print job setup, messy material changing protocols, or lengthy calibration cycles.

More for Your Money

Instead of one expensive industrial 3D printer, buy multiple Form 3Bs or Form 3BLs to achieve higher throughput at a lower price and added redundancy for reliable production.

Stay on the Cutting Edge

Don’t get left behind in the digital revolution. Bring model production in-house to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Fast Printing for High Throughput and Easy Rush Cases


~2.5 h for $2-4 a kit

Up to 4 quad model kits (upper, lower, and die) per print

~2.5 h for $6-8 a kit

Up to 2 full arch model kits (upper, lower, and die) per print

~1 h for $3-4 a kit

One model kit per print
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“The Form 3B satisfies high quality standards that dental professionals need to produce high-end restorations. It combines consistency, high accuracy and unprecedented surface quality in one easy-to-use product and enables every dental lab to start a digital in-house production.”

– Stephan Keimer, MDT, Manager at Kreimer Dentallabor GmbH & Co. KG.

Confidently Check Fixed Prosthetics with Fast-Printing, High-Accuracy Models

Accurate and consistent dental models are foundational to a great dental laboratory. Use 3D printing to produce high-accuracy solid and removable die models with crisp margins, precise contacts, and consistent occlusion.

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Replicate Soft Tissues With High Accuracy for Implant Planning

Use one 3D printer to create both rigid models and flexible gingiva masks to confidently check implant prosthetics with proper tissue impingement.

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Scan or Receive Digital Impression

0-10 min


10-20 min


40 min - 2.5 h


15 min

More for Your Money with Formlabs

Instead of spending tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single 3D printer, invest in a fleet of Formlabs printers to get higher throughput and more flexibility with the same high-quality output.

Interested in a custom production package? Reach out to our Factory Solutions team to discuss what a large-scale printer fleet might look like in your lab.

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