Formlabs Materials for Dental Models

Key Feature
Recommended Application
Clear aligner models, orthodontic models
General models
Restorative models
Dental model 3D printed in Fast Model Resin

Why Choose Fast Model Resin?

Fast Model Resin is Formlabs’ fastest dental 3D printing resin, capable of printing at speeds of 100 mm per hour.

Print a Model a Minute

Print 11 arches in one job in just 9 minutes.

Fast Post-Processing

Post-process parts quickly with a 5-minute wash and 5-minute room temperature post-cure.

Unmatched Reliability

Print confidently with an end-to-end product ecosystem rigorously validated for continuous uptime and reliability.

Accurate Orthodontic Models

Consistently create orthodontic models with 95% of printed surface area within 100 μm of the digital model.

What’s New With Fast Model Resin?

Fast Model Resin is the next generation of Draft Resin, formulated to leverage the new Form 4 ecosystem. Compared to Draft Resin V2, Fast Model Resin is:

Faster — formulated to take advantage of the new Form 4 ecosystem to print three times faster
Stronger and stiffer — 45% higher strength and modulus
More opaque and matte in color
Dental 3D printed parts in Formlabs Fast Model Resin


Wash Settings


5 minutes


Start with a 5-minute wash and modify the wash time based on your part geometry and solvent purity.

Cure Settings


5 minutes at room temperature


15 minutes at 60 °C


Fast Model Resin can either be used with either a 5-minute room temperature cure for faster turnarounds or with a 15-minute cure at 60 °C for improved strength, stiffness, and heat deflection temperature.