Reclaim Time From Restorative Appointments With 3D Printing

Direct composite restorations using 3D printed guides is a chairside application performed by dentists utilizing a variety of techniques including the injection or pressing of traditional or flowable composite. This minimally invasive technique allows for the seamless transfer of digital designs to the clinical scenario and provides important benefits to clinicians and patients alike such as increased predictability, as well as time and cost savings.

3D printed direct composite restorative guides with IBT Flex Resin have high flexibility, tear resistance, translucency and exceptional printing accuracy that perfectly replicates digital designs, from a single restoration to a full smile.

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Enhance Efficiency

Increase accuracy while simplifying the workflow

Save Production Time and Costs

Significantly reduce production time and costs vs. traditional techniques

Deliver Consistent Outcomes

Full control for predictable results as guides are precisely created to transfer digital designs and optimize composite usage

Unlock New Path for Digital Restorative Dentistry

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“With the new IBT Flex Resin, we now have the chance to produce these guides digitally with the right color, translucency, accuracy and without the need of using a separating agent. This opens a new path for the future of restorative dentistry. Today, being able to 3D print the guides for the first time, is the perfect addition to any in-house workflow in the dental practice.”

Dr. Ângelo Raphael Coelho, Natural Restorations Lead, Digital Smile Design

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Traditional PVS materials (clear or opaque) can range from $80 to $130 for 2 cartridges. 3D printing guides or indexes with IBT Flex offers a more cost-effective solution.

Traditionally PVS MaterialsFormlabs IBT Flex Resin
Cost Per Arch$10-20$2-5
Production Steps1. Print model
2. Produce silicone index with custom tray
3. Place in pressure pot
4. Perform the cuts and holes
1. Print the index
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Save Time & Streamline Your Workflow

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"In the typical workflow, we need to print a model and then create a transfer key by thermoforming or using impression silicone. With the direct printing of the indexes, we save a step and thereby save time and consumables."

Dr. Edouard Lanoiselée, General Dentist (Nozay, France)

A Flexible Workflow

Delegate digital impression taking, printing, and appliance preparation to staff, and save on chair time.


5 mins

Design Tray

15 mins


4 hrs


80 mins


1 hr

​​A Fully Validated System for an Easy Restorative Application

IBT Flex Resin was developed by Formlabs to work seamlessly with Formlabs 3D printers. Our extensive validation and testing process makes sure your prints work every time: quick setup, no in-field calibration, and no messy resin handling.

This material offers optimized tear strength, translucency, and flexibility, for appliances that are easy to plan, easy to use, and easy to remove, so you can give your patients a vastly improved restorative experience.