Announcing Premium Teeth Resin for Digital Dentures and Temporary All-on-X

3D printed dentures and All-on-X on a blue background

Formlabs Dental is proud to introduce Premium Teeth Resin, a new material for printing highly natural-looking teeth for digital dentures and temporary full-arch implant-supported restorations (All-on-X appliances). Formlabs’ first in-house developed tooth-colored formulation, is a nano-ceramic filled Class II biocompatible material with enhanced aesthetics, superior intraoral mechanical properties, and validated longevity to guarantee optimal clinical performance. 

Premium Teeth Resin, along with a wide portfolio of dental materials including Dental LT Comfort Resin and IBT Flex Resin, are key to the comprehensive Formlabs Dental platform. These materials can be used on Form 3B+/BL stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers with easy-to-use workflows that empower dentists and lab technicians to deliver high-quality results in less time.

Note: Premium Teeth Resin is currently available in the US. Global availability will follow soon.

"I have been thoroughly impressed with Formlabs Premium Teeth Resin. The material not only has the strength we need for denture teeth and All-on-X appliances, but it also polishes with minimal effort to reveal a natural, lifelike translucency."

Dr. Christopher Baer, Dentist, Baer Dental

3D printed denture

Premium Teeth Resin: Announcing Formlabs’ New Nano-Ceramic Filled Tooth Material

Explore the potential of this innovative material as it streamlines restorative dentistry workflows. Learn about its features, optimal intraoral mechanics, and streamlined workflow.

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One Market-Leading Material for Denture Teeth and Temporary All-on-X Appliances

The Formlabs team is dedicated to developing materials that support new indications so you can expand or grow your offerings. With Premium Teeth Resin, it’s possible to print denture teeth for digital dentures and temporary All-on-X with one material solution. This means a single Form 3B+/3BL can print an array of solutions without needing to swap resin tanks or change post-processing protocol, saving time and resources.

High-Quality Teeth for Dentures

Premium Teeth Resin enables effortless, in-house 3D printing of teeth for full or partial dentures to be used with 3D printed or milled denture bases, and try-in dentures. Reliable, high-quality prints ensure excellent fit and reduced post-processing time for denture teeth with enhanced aesthetics, longevity, easy polishability, and superior mechanical performance. Premium Teeth Resin is compatible with a range of 3D printed and milled denture bases including Formlabs’ Denture Base Resin (manufactured by DENTCA), and Lucitone.

3D printed dentures

Denture teeth printed with Premium Teeth Resin HT A2 shade. Premium Teeth Resin teeth are bonded to Lucitone Digital PrintTM Denture Base.

Temporary All-on-X

Premium Teeth Resin is a reliable and fracture-resistant material for directly printing temporary full-arch implant-supported appliances (All-on-X). This new prosthetic application in the dental portfolio reflects the demand from dentists and dental labs for a high-performance All-on-X material for fully digitized and streamlined workflows that are compatible with conventional finishing workflows and meet diverse patient needs with ease. This material can be further customized by using characterization kits for the gingiva portion.

Gloved fingers holding an All-on-X appliance

Premium Teeth Resin can be used as a high-performance, All-on-X material.

Why Premium Teeth Resin?

This best-in-class resin allows you to create fully customizable, superior appliances with efficiency and ease. The new nano-ceramic-filled formulation is a market-leading solution combining the optimal balance of intraoral mechanical performance, aesthetics, and longevity. With Premium Teeth Resin, you can easily create natural-looking teeth that are resistant to wear, staining, and abrasion.

Biocompatible With Superior Intraoral Mechanical Performance

Premium Teeth Resin is a Class II biocompatible material and FDA Registered for printed teeth in both digital dentures and temporary All-on-X. When tested in intraoral conditions (37 °C in water) Premium Teeth Resin was the industry-leader for flexural strength and exhibited the most consistency between ambient environment (23 °C, 50% relative humidity) and intraoral conditions compared to competitor materials.

Graph comparing flexural strength of various resins for digital dentures and temporary All-on-X

Flexural strength of various resins for digital dentures and temporary All-on-X appliances in ambient environment (blue columns) and intraoral environment (yellow columns). Note: ASTM D790 testing method, internal data.

Replicate a Natural Smile

Aesthetics are key to patient acceptance and well-being. The High Translucency (HT) shades of this nano-ceramic filled resin provides a realistic translucency and opalescence. Premium Teeth Resin was rigorously tested to ensure resistance to wear, staining, and abrasion, and maintains its original characteristics over time. 

Available initially in four HT shades, A2, A3, B1, and Bleach, Premium Teeth Resin can also be stained to a desired shade for realistic, aesthetically pleasing solutions that replicate a natural smile so you can meet diverse patient needs with ease.

“We have found the Premium Teeth Resin to be a reliable material in our dental practice. Its accuracy in printing applications, including denture teeth and All-on-X, is noteworthy. Additionally, the material's translucency has been quite impressive, contributing positively to the overall aesthetics. This resin is a valuable addition to our digital workflow.”

Michael Braian, DDS, CDT, PhD SWECADD (The Swedish Organisation for Computer Aided Digital Dentistry) founder

Optimal Clinical Performance With Efficient ROI

The Formlabs Dental platform empowers dental practices and labs to streamline their workflow while improving clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. The new Premium Teeth Resin continues Formlabs’ mission to provide superior, affordable, and easy-to-use materials to practices and labs. With a Form 3B+/3BL SLA printer and Formlabs Dental materials, you can streamline workflows and seamlessly integrate printed appliances into existing treatment protocols for improved ROI for your business. 

ProductApplicationsPricePer Part*
Premium TeethDenture teeth, All-on-X$550 / kg$8.25
SprintRay OnX Tough 2**Fixed hybrid dentures$1,498 / kg$21.66
Lucitone Digital IPN Teeth**Denture teeth~$1,500 / kg$21.69

*Estimated based on 10 mL print volume per part

**Sold in 500g units

Among resins for 3D printing denture teeth, Premium Teeth Resin is the strongest resin in intraoral conditions compared to competitors, yet comes in at a significantly lower cost per part than competitors. For less than the cost of printing one appliance, you can print two in Premium Teeth Resin, making it a cost-effective option that doesn’t compromise on quality. Premium Teeth Resin enables professionals to provide high-quality denture teeth and temporary All-on-X appliances while maximizing ROI.

3D printed teeth on build platform

Print multiple appliances in Premium Teeth Resin in one print batch. Build Platform 2 with patented Quick Release Technology allows you to quickly and easily remove parts in seconds without tools.

Make Dentistry Easier With Formlabs Dental

We are committed to providing best-in-class solutions for dental 3D printing. Premium Teeth Resin offers an optimal balance of intraoral mechanical performance, aesthetics, and longevity, allowing you to create natural-looking teeth that are resistant to abrasion and staining and keep their original glossy look.

Order Premium Teeth Resin directly from our store, watch or webinar to learn more, or get in touch with one of our dental specialists to discuss your application.