Reclaim Time from Bonding Appointments With 3D Printing

Indirect bonding trays are single-use appliances that enable multiple orthodontic brackets to be placed at once.

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Get Faster, Easier Bonding

Increase accuracy while simplifying the workflow

Save Chair Time

Reduce bonding appointment chair time by as much as half

Delegate Preparation Work

Delegate appliance preparation tasks to office staff

Simplify Your Most Frequent Tasks

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“IBT Flex is an enhanced material that provides higher quality, and more flexibility and translucency in comparison to other indirect bonding materials we have used. IBT Flex provides superb accuracy and fit of the brackets. Providers can be confident that it will deliver an excellent indirect bonding experience for their team members and patients. The workflow from beginning to end is effortless and will leave an overall lasting impression!”

Patricia Mitchell, Digital Specialist, Alvetro Orthodontics

Reduce Chair Time During the Bonding Appointment By As Much As Half

You could save precious time by delegating the indirect preparation steps to staff.

Chair time for full mouth, individual bracket cementation40-60 minutes*
Chair time for full mouth, indirect bonding tray cementation10-20 minutes*
Time savings per patient20-50 minutes

Try our interactive ROI tool to see how much time and cost you can save when 3D printing on Formlabs dental 3D printers.

*times are estimates and may vary

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“[With indirect bonding,] I get better bracket positioning, which means I have to rebond less, and I also avoid some of the side effects that I have during direct bonding.”

Dr Lars Christensen, Orthodontist

A Flexible Workflow

Delegate digital impression taking, printing, and appliance preparation to staff, and save on chair time.


5 mins

Bracket Set-up and Tray Design

30 mins


20 mins


80 mins

Insert Brackets

15 mins


10 mins

A Fully Validated System for an Easy Bonding Process

IBT Flex Resin was developed by Formlabs to work seamlessly with Formlabs 3D printers. Our extensive validation and testing process makes sure your prints work every time: quick setup, no in-field calibration, and no messy resin handling.

This material offers optimized tear strength, translucency, and flexibility, for appliances that are easy to plan, easy to use, and easy to remove, so you can give your patients a vastly improved bonding experience.