Dentistry Made Easier With Five New Products

Formlabs Dental is excited to introduce refinements to our industry-leading digital dentistry solutions. With today’s announcement, we are bringing improvements across the dental workflow to make digital dentistry simple, easier, and more intuitive. 

Today, at IDS 2023, we are releasing the following:

  • Fast Cure: A new post-processing curing unit that cures dental indications 90% faster than the standard Form Cure. 

  • PreForm Dental: PreForm Dental is a workspace that makes our dental print preparation software fully tailored to dental users. Click less and automate workflows with the ability to create pre-set orientation and support settings for each dental indication.

  • Fast Arch Printing: Print eight arches in 20 minutes with revamped print settings for dental arches.

  • PreForm integration with 3Shape Produce: One click print from 3Shape to PreForm, meaning easier file management and workflow.

  • New Bleach shade for Temporary CB Resin: Let your patients test drive their white Hollywood smile.

We’ve heard from our customers that they want their digital workflows to be faster and simpler. With today’s product announcements, Formlabs remains committed to delivering on that vision. These new products and features will deliver higher efficiency by allowing dental professionals to spend more time with their patients, and less time printing.


Dentistry Made Easier: The Latest and Greatest from Formlabs Dental

See the latest improvements from Formlabs Dental, with new hardware and software that will make digital workflows faster and simpler.

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Same-Day Dentistry With Fast Cure

From left to right, the Form 3B+, Form Wash, and Fast Cure

Fast Cure joins our dental lineup, seen here alongside the Form 3B+ and Form Wash.

Formlabs Dental is excited to offer a new post-processing curing unit for our dental audience. Fast Cure completes curing of a splint in six minutes, compared to 60 minutes for the same splint in the standard Form Cure unit.

Post-processing is the final step before models are ready to be delivered to the patient. Total workflow times — from scanning a patient to delivering the final model — are heavily dependent on curing times. With 50 powerful LED lights, higher light-intensity levels, and no preheating required, Fast Cure is a next-generation leap for Dental workflows.

The table below compares cure times on both Fast Cure and Form Cure. Results are the same for one part or multiple parts:

Fast Cure (no preheating required)Form Cure (inc 10 min preheating)
Dental ModelsOne to three Minutes*Five to 40 Minutes*
Crown and BridgesFive Minutes50 Minutes
Occlusal GuardsSix Minutes70 Minutes
Surgical GuidesFive Minutes40 Minutes

*depending on the material used

Safety and compliance are always a priority. Our Dental resins have been tested and rigorously validated and finely tuned with Fast Cure to work safely. Fast Cure active cooling keeps the exterior cool to the touch, but users are required to use gloves when removing parts from the machine. 

Automate Your Indications: PreForm Dental

In the foreground, a woman uses PreForm Dental at a desk. In the background, the Form 3B+, Fast Cure, and Form Cure sit on a table.

PreFrom Dental and Fast Cure improve an already industry-leading digital dentistry workflow.

Easy just got easier with our new workspace, PreForm Dental. After a patient is scanned, and a dental model designed, the part is ready to be loaded into your 3D printer. This step is vital; parts are loaded into PreForm and print orientation is set before the models can be created. Our dental print preparation software optimizes setup for dental parts with pre-programmed settings for each indication to save users time and improve standardization in your workflow.

PreForm Dental was created to achieve three goals:

  1. Save you time. PreForm will automatically load your exact settings for each indication type, removing the need to set an orientation, generate supports and select the right material manually with each print.

  2. Improve print success rates. Automatic settings means a reduction in print errors due to human error.

  3. Conformity to your workflow. We understand that users sometimes want to do things differently, that's why, for the first time, users have the freedom to automate based on their own preferences. Created indication presets can be saved and applied to subsequent jobs according to their preferred material, layer height, orientation, and support settings. The created indication preset can be saved and automatically applied to subsequent jobs.

We have also unlocked lightning speed model printing on your Form 3B/+. Welcome to the world of Fast Arch Printing: the fastest print settings we’ve ever released. Print eight dental arches in 20 min and a single dental arch in less than 10 min using Draft Resin. This is more than twice as fast compared to current print settings, and will allow, for the first time, a dentist to deliver a retainer to a patient in less than 30 min.

As before, PreForm remains free to download and use. You can experience the workspace of PreForm Dental by downloading PreForm at the link below. The new PreForm Dental update will roll out globally on March 28th. 

Formlabs Dental: Committed to Dentistry Made Easier

Two pairs of crowns printed in Temporary CB Resin sit on a blue table.

Temporary CB Resin, now in Hollywood White (right).

PreForm Dental and Fast Cure are launching alongside new integrations with 3Shape and new bleach shades for Temporary CB Resin. Formlabs is committed to make PreForm work for you, and that means numerous integrations with other popular software programs used by dental professionals. For 3Shape users, you now only need one click to move a file into PreForm and have it ready to print. 

For users of Temporary CB Resin, you can now offer patients “Hollywood White,” a bright, clean shade guaranteed to make any smile stand out.

As Dental labs and practitioners turn to digital dentistry to better service patients, Formlabs Dental is committed to helping provide the most affordable and easiest set of cutting edge tools. Our latest launch bundle continues our commitment to expanding access to digital fabrication, so anyone can make anything.

Talk to our Dental Sales team for additional information on any of the products and to discuss the right solution for your business.