Custom Tray Resin 1 L


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Our library of Dental Resins enables dental practices and labs to rapidly manufacture a range of dental products in-house, from biocompatible surgical guides and splints to fixed prosthetic and clear aligner models.
Custom Tray Resin is a fast-printing biocompatible material used to directly print custom impression trays for implants, dentures, crowns and bridges, and other comprehensive cases. Digitally manufactured impression trays provide consistent, accurate impressions for high-quality dentistry. Custom Tray Resin prints full impression trays quickly using 200-micron layer heights, reducing labor time and enabling higher throughput.
Download our Application Guide to learn the complete workflow and best practices for making 3D-printed custom impression trays.
Available for Form 3B and Form 3B+, Form 2. Not compatible with Form 3.<br />Supports print resolutions: 200 microns<br />Post-curing required.

  • Custom Tray Resin 1 L