Jun. 18, 2024

Premium Teeth Resin: Formlabs Dental Introduces New Resin for Digital Denture Teeth and Temporary Restorations

The company is expanding its dental product portfolio with the new Premium Teeth Resin. The new resin enables the production of high-quality denture teeth and temporary restorations via 3D printing.

Berlin, Jun. 18, 2024 – Leading 3D printing company Formlabs is introducing a new resin to Europe: Premium Teeth Resin was specially designed for the creation of highly natural-looking teeth for digital dentures, temporary full-arch implant-supported restorations (All-on-X), and temporary single units (crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers) and up to seven-unit bridges. This advanced material solution enables the production of dental restorations on Form 4B, Form 3B/+, and Form 3BL stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers. 

Premium Teeth Resin is a nano-ceramic filled, biocompatible, material. This precise material balances superior intraoral mechanical performance with enhanced aesthetics and validated longevity. The High Translucency (HT) shades of this nano-ceramic filled resin provide a realistic translucency and opalescence. 

Premium Teeth Resin was rigorously tested to ensure resistance to wear, staining, and abrasion, and maintains its original characteristics over time, allowing dental professionals to deliver natural-looking teeth.

“The new Formlabs Premium Teeth Resin is an impressive new resin combining mechanical properties and aesthetics, says Dr. Édouard Lanoiselée, DDS, of Cabinet dentaire de Nozay. “I tried it for several applications, the patients were very comfortable with the feeling and the lifelike aspect of the resin due to its natural translucency. The material strength is very interesting, allowing us to make extensive dental prosthesis with a feeling of total security.”

High-Quality Teeth for Dentures

Premium Teeth Resin enables effortless, in-house 3D printing of teeth for full or partial dentures to be used with 3D printed or milled denture bases, and try-in dentures. Reliable, high-quality prints ensure excellent fit and reduced post-processing time for denture teeth with enhanced aesthetics, longevity, easy polishability, and superior mechanical performance. Premium Teeth Resin is compatible with a range of 3D printed and milled denture bases including Formlabs’ Denture Base Resin (manufactured by DENTCA), and Lucitone.

Temporary All-on-X

Premium Teeth Resin is a reliable and fracture-resistant material for directly printing temporary full-arch implant-supported appliances (All-on-X). This new prosthetic application in the dental portfolio reflects the demand from dentists and dental labs for a high-performance All-on-X material for fully digitized and streamlined workflows that are compatible with conventional finishing workflows and meet diverse patient needs with ease. This material can be further customized by using characterization kits for the gingiva portion.

Provisionals: Single-Unit Restorations and Bridges

Premium Teeth Resin can be used to print single units and bridges (up to 7 units) to partially or fully restore teeth provisionally for all types of clinical situations, from cases needing treatment for a single tooth to complex rehabilitation cases. These include temporary crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, and up to seven-unit bridges. Premium Teeth Resin is over 60% stronger than Temporary CB Resin and can be used intraorally for up to 12 months.

Available initially in four HT shades, A2, A3, B1, and Bleach, Premium Teeth Resin can also be stained to a desired shade for realistic, aesthetically pleasing solutions that replicate a natural smile so you can meet diverse patient needs with ease. 

Formlabs Premium Teeth Resin is available for order now.

Visit www.dental.formlabs.com for more information.

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